What a Tangled Web...

Session 3 - Deeper and Deeper

As told by Sir Edward Stormbreak

When we last left our heroes…The adventures had made their way into the mine outside of Phandalin, and during their exploration had rescued a group of Kobolds, a silver Dragonborn, Sidlar, the business partner of Gundren Rockseeker, and found a new traveling companion and party member, Voronium Uemerim or simply “V”.  During their exploration of the mine they dispatched some Bugbears, troubled themselves with a few ill-shaped acid vials, discovered the fabled Forge of Spells and finally took a rest to gather themselves before setting off to find Gundren and rescue the slaves in the mine…

      When the party awoke the party decided to make their way to a strange wet spot that Sir Edward’s familiar Bubo found during an exploration the night prior.  Upon returning the way the came into the mine, the party found themselves face to face with the wet spot and observed a strong acidic odor coming from it.  Initially prodding the spot with a heavy ball, or at least after a few attempts, the spot began to move towards them, encroaching dangerously into Carrack’s space.  Through a few well-placed magical attacks and a final firery blast from Synn, the party was able to dispatch the ooze and upon inspection found a small ring with the following sigil engraved on the band.

(Evil Earth Cult)

      Venturing further into the mine, the party realized that this portion of the mine was set up as a maze, possibly to keep out looters, but the final purpose still unknown.  Shortly thereafter, the party found themselves coming out of a tunnel and into a room with a large pool of water that ran off through a underground passage and a stairwell off to one side of the room.  After examining the room, the party decided to investigate the end point of the water by means of attaching V’s ferret to Thadeus’ fishing line, but found no real answers.

      Moving up the stairs the party found themselves in another living area with 3 human corpses and after exploring the room, made their way through the other door and into the Forge of Spells.  Entering the forge, they were confronted by a flying flaming skull that demanded they ‘Speak the Phrase’.  Not knowing the phrase, Sir Edward and Carrack were suddenly struck with unimaginable fear, leaving Balth by himself in the room.  Being asked for the phrase again, Balth responded by casting barkskin and turning into a huge bear.  In response, the flaming skull cast a huge fireball towards the entrance where the party was, then took possession of the large forge case in the form of the Dwarven God Dutheon.  As the fight continued, Synn found himself feeling the pull of his wild magic increasing and causing both Balth and Thadeus to gain the power of flight.  Things began to look bleak for the party when suddenly a strange reaction to Synn’s casting caused a Unicorn to appear and join the party in their fight and helping the party destroy the forge and flaming skull.

      Following the flow of water from the Forge of Spells, the party heard the sounds of battle ahead, and discovered a group of Fire Cultists and another group of cultists dressed in yellow.  After seeing how the battle would fair, the party decided to help the group in yellow as they had not encountered them before, but much to their dismay, the cultist in yellow had gone completely insane and threw down a potion that caused the floor to explode causing the party to drop 50 feet to a chamber below.  Upon investigating the bodies, a leather scroll case was discovered and much to the dismay of the party, Synn opened the cause, blowing himself up just a little more.

      Moving through one of the tunnels connected to the room with Thadeus following tracks on the floor which inexplicably disappeared into the wall.  While listening through the hidden doorway, the party heard a number of cultists chanting together, then suddenly dropping as if dead.  Creeping through the doorway the party saw an island of corpses that suddenly seemed to coalesce into one huge humanoid form.  Moving back through the hidden doorway the party found a small offshoot that miraculously led out of the mines and back into the forest but to their surprise found themselves on the opposite of the mountain from where they entered the mine.

      After a nights rest the party re-entered the mine and using the now identified Evil Earth Elemental ring to open the other hidden doorway and found a dead human wearing cultists robes who had been stabbed in the back and was carrying a signet ring of the Harpers in a pouch.  Continuing on, the party discovered the remnants of a mining operation with dozens of footprints of multiple sizes showing where most had quickly fled the area, but one group of footprints went back the way they came, leading them back to the island of bones.

      As the party reentered the room with the island of bones, they were able to get the drop on the giant mass of undead bodies and so the battle began……



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